Missing Something

Assalamualaikum , today I'm still fasting for the fourth day . Feel so tired . Yeah , it's normal thing for the fasting people facing rite . Also exam for the third day . Feeling great and proud of myself because I'm gonna facing SPM soon . I would like to prove to my mom and dad that I can success in SPM . Wish me luck buddy . I need the prays from all of you out there . When you read this entry , please give me some prays . And I have decided to take offer from my dad , Mohd Salleh Haji Hassan flying to London or somewhere far from here and continue my study . Yeah , surely feel glad to Allah if HE give the chance for me . InsyaAllah . But the important thing is I must work hard . Yayy , chaiyokk Nas Afiqah . You can do if you think you can . 

Now , I feel like I'm missing something in my life . Feel there is something important thing that I missing and I don't know what . It might be something gonna happen soon . My heart beats so fast . Ouh , I don't know how to start . But someone told me , if anything happen , it might be a reason . Let give myself a space first . See you next time (:

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