5 Signs Of A Good Man

Hye world ! Okay Fyqa baru sudah jahanamkan blog tadi. Hahah , dah puas hati dah pown. Sambil tunggu Encik Ery yang gemok balik dari kelas, Fyqa nak update blog lah. Err, time mandikan kucing tadi dapat idea nak buat post nih. Fyqa teringin pulak nak speaking hari nih. Enjoy :)

As the old saying goes, the course of true love does not run smoothly and I speak as one of the unattached many, when I say that my relationship road, has been a very bumpy road indeed. Relationships are not like the fairy tales depicted by Walt Disney, and although they say that you have to kiss many frogs to find a prince, alot of the time it can feel like you have kissed one too many frogs, and your left wondering are their any good guys out there. So please lending your eyes for awhile.

1) Showing you respect
A man that has respect for you as a whole, your feelings and your thoughts, your space, your time, for you as the unique person that you are from the start of your relationship. Kira dia nih beradab lah kan senang. Do not stick around if someone is disrespectful to you from the start, a good man will show you respect and also demand you respect them back. Oh how I wish have a man like that ><

2) Showing emotional maturity
A man who does not over-react or lash out when times get challenging. They can deal with life's, stresses, strains, emotional disagreements in a rational way. They can also deal with their own and their partners emotions. Have you ever been with someone who avoids conversations concerning feelings. It becomes frustrating as they are immature. Err , yang nih amat penting untuk menjaga hubungan korang :) Kalau dapat pakwe panas baran susah lah kan ? Okay think about it.

3) They are ready to commit
There are many men out there who are ready to commit and be serious, you may have come across them and have felt that they are not right for you or you for them, but when they find the right woman, there is no beating around the bush, they are proposing and getting married in no time. Wah, sukanya yang nih. Err, sebab dulu Iznoor Faizal selalu cakap nak kahwin dengan Fyqa, so Fyqa terpikir pasal point nih :)

4) They take care of themselves
This is important also. Financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically that is they have focus in important area's of their life, these area's may not be perfect but they are aware of the issues and changes that need to be made, and they do it. A person can not be a help or support to anyone else unless you are able to take care of themselves first and foremost. Err sama macam penyayang jugak. Actually Fyqa tak banyak tahu sangat pasal nih. Just maybe lah kan :)

5) They are able to give love and to show it.
A man that is a bit sensitive and emotional is not a bad thing as long as he is doing all of the above mentioned manly things. There needs to be a balance. Okay contoh macam dia kongkong kita, actually dia nak tunjuk dia sayang kita but with the wrong way maybe. So you have to show your loves too for him. Then, we can be a happy couple :)

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive. Teeeheheh :>

May Allah bless us (:

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